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Diagnostic Process

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Using our bespoke digital diagnostic tool, our dedictated advisors will take you on a diganostic jouney to complete a full anaylsis if your business, new service or innovation you are developing, providing you with a detailed report outlining your barriers and opportunities to growth, with an action plan to ensure you acheive your growth potential

Step 1

Market segmentation and size, competitive analysis and industrial partnering Note not real steps need confirmation

Step 2

Fund raising, financial planning and investment readiness Note not real steps need confirmation

Step 3

Team, Board and HR processes - Note not real steps need confirmation

Our tool has over 300 questions designed to ascertain a clear and comprehensive baseline of a company’s CRL level and to define what progress looks like in each of these eight areas. Taken from competitor site

Idea development and conception

How do you turn business ideas and opportunities into sales?
Innovation is not just for engineers or academics, developing cutting-edge technology, the latest smartphone or ground-breaking cancer treatment. It’s much broader than that, relevant to every aspect of a business of any type or size. Innovation is about doing things differently and applying this thinking to every area of your business.
Our comprehensive support will help you to challenge the status quo, to develop and progress innovation opportunities: it’s our mission to support your businesses to create and commercialise products and services.
Using the latest tools and techniques our specialist advisors can quickly establish the readiness of an innovation project or idea, identify the top challenges, and create a route-to-market plan to full launch and commercialisation

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